Mission statement – Implement a sustainable Hydrogen architecture for Western Australia by Mid-2021 supporting Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles. Ensuring Infinite Blue Energy delivers renewable energy safely and compliantly to evolving domestic and international markets.

Deliver Liquified Hydrogen to our International Customers in China, Japan & Korea via our purposely designed offshore export terminal delivering 3,040tons of Liquified Hydron(Cryogenic) every 24 days.


ZERO Carbon Emissions

Committed To Delivering Clean & Green Energy to Our Customers – Natural & Cryogenic Hydrogen Form

Hydrogen Transportation Network

Leveraging Existing Networks Delivering Hydrogen Mobility Solutions

Energizing Our Facilities

Preferred Supplier of GREEN Hydrogen To Domestic & International Markets

Green Hydrogen Pilot Plant #1

 (Capacity 25,500Kg/day) Our Primary Plant will deliver Australia’s first Completely Green Hydrogen from renewables. Solar PV, Wind Turbines Green Grid Connection & Battery to Stabilise the Power and acts as a UPS when required in blackout periods

Green Hydrogen Commercial Plant #2

 (Capacity 75,000Kg/day) Similar in design to the initial plant, however, all lessons learnt will be implemented and design improvements made to ensure we delivery energy at the lowest costs to our domestic & international customers.

Transporting 700Bar

Pure Hydrogen to our 25 Hydrogen refuelling stations capable of refuelling multiple vehicles such as Prime Movers, Buses or Passenger Vehicles  simultaneously. Working alongside Australia’s largest engineered road tanker solutions provider.

Have a Large Project?

Infinite Blue Energy is a leading renewable energy company with vast experience in delivering ZERO Emission solutions to domestic and international markets. Infinite Blue Energy has an engineering team that is resourced and structured to be able to efficiently and effectively liaise with customers in delivering renewable energy solution via Solar PV, Wind Turbines, Hydrogen, Fuel Cell Technology & Biomass. Contact us today!


Delivering LH2 to Internatonal Markets

Deliver Liquid Hydrogen to the Asia Pacific markets by first quarter of 2024 via our dedicated Seabourn Vessel and export terminal via twin Subsea Cryogenic Pipelines offshore Dongara.

Current Hydrogen Plant Design

Leading Australia’s first large scale Green Hydrogen Plant with first Hydrogen gas planned mid 2021.

Coming events

Continuous branding of Infinite Blue Energy’s Hydrogen Plant with key investors in China & South Korea. Lead the Chinese & Korea delegation to the Arrowsmith Hydrogen plant South of Dongara with WA Minister participation.




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Clean Energy for All Australians with 100% Green Hydrogen fuel