IBE will enable a sustainable green Hydrogen future using water, solar and wind energy with no carbon debt.

Through alliances with selected and proven technology partners, IBE will deliver commercial scale projects that bring renewable energy safely and economically to evolving domestic and international markets.

IBE will be a true Zero Carbon commercial green Hydrogen producer, the first of its kind in Australia, as opposed to existing projects that use traditional fossil fuels to produce liquid hydrogen.

Stage One of the IBE Liquid Hydrogen Project will be the Arrowsmith Project, located in Western Australia. This installation will commence production in 2022 resulting in 25 tons (25,000 kg) of green Hydrogen per day from the zero carbon energy sources of water, solar and wind. 

The majority of IBE projects will be located in regional Australia resulting in sustainable regional jobs and energy independence.


Providing a commercial ZERO Carbon energy source

IBE is positioned provide commercial quantities of green hydrogen. As a Zero Carbon energy source, this enables end users to decarbonise their business.

Providing a Hydrogen transportation solution

IBE is uniquely positioned through its national and international partners to leverage existing energy infrastructure to deliver green hydrogen to end users.

Energizing our future

In addition to providing sustainable jobs and energy to regional Australia, IBE is able to kick start the export of green hydrogen to International Markets

Green Hydrogen Sub-commercial Plant #1

The Arrowsmith Primary Plant will deliver 25,000 kg/day of green Hydrogen from renewable resources. The sub-commercial plant will be Australia’s first, and will use solar panels and wind turbines, along with a green grid connection & battery. The green grid connection and battery will maximise production.

Green Hydrogen Commercial Plant #2

The second stage will result in an increased level of production (75,000 kg/day green hydrogen). Similar in design to the initial plant, the second stage will build on the operating experience and utilise additional land. As Australia’s first commercial scale green hydrogen plant, IBE will be pioneering the delivery of green hydrogen energy to our domestic & international customers.

Transporting green hydrogen to end users

Producing green hydrogen is only part of the solution. IBE through its domestic and international partners is engaged in the development of transport and distribution systems for compressed green hydrogen. The intended solution involves specialised road tankers and green hydrogen refueling stations located throughout Western Australia. This enables potential users to access green energy to run trucks, buses and passenger vehicles, and transition to a no carbon fuel.

Have you a need for green hydrogen expertise?

Infinite Blue Energy (IBE) is a leading renewable energy company with vast experience in delivering ZERO Emission solutions to domestic and international markets. IBE has an engineering team that is resourced and structured to be able to efficiently and effectively liaise with customers in delivering renewable energy solution via Solar PV, Wind Turbines, Hydrogen, Fuel Cell Technology & Biomass.

IBE prides itself on understanding the unique attributes of each challenge, and will develop a tailored solution for your energy needs. Contact us to discuss your challenge!


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Delivering LH2 to International Markets

Deliver Liquid Hydrogen to the Asia Pacific markets by 3rd quarter 2023 via our specialised Vessel and nearshore export terminal supplied via twin subsea cryogenic pipelines.


Current Hydrogen Plant Design

Australia’s first large scale Green Hydrogen Plant with first hydrogen gas planned early 2022.


Coming events

Continuous branding of Infinite Blue Energy’s Hydrogen Plant with key investors in China & South Korea.

Lead the Chinese & Korea delegation to the Arrowsmith Hydrogen plant south of Dongara with WA Minister participation.



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