IBE strives to enable a sustainable green Hydrogen future from water, solar and wind energy with no carbon debt.

Through alliances with selected and proven technology partners, IBE is able to deliver commercial scale projects that deliver renewable energy safely and economically to evolving domestic and international markets.

Despite the increasing interest in Liquid Hydrogen as a Zero Carbon fuel, there are very few instances of commercial or sub-commercial scale green Hydrogen production. The existing liquid Hydrogen production facilities use traditional fossil fuels with the associated carbon debt.

When Stage One of the Arrowsmith Hydrogen Project, located in Western Australia, commences in 2022, it will produce 25 tons (25,000 kg) of green  Hydrogen per day from water, solar and wind energy with no carbon debt.

The majority of IBE projects are located in regional Australia, with the key benefits being regional jobs and energy autarky.

Clean Energy for All Australians with 100% Green Hydrogen fuel


Stephen Gauld

Founder & Managing Director

Over 20 years experience in the Oil & Gas sector working for some of the largest global service companies and operators such as Baker Hughes GE, Weatherford, ENI, ExxonMobil, Chevron & Woodside. Highly experienced in managing project delivery and cash flow.

Chris Burton


Highly proficient in managing complex Oil & Gas balance sheets, has over 21 years experience in financial and accounting sectors for a range of ASX listed and private company boards. In prior roles was the lead auditor for a range of ASX private organisations and not for profit clients.

Martyn Anderson

Project Manager

Highly diverse background in Engineering and Commercial management across multiple sectors including mining, construction, and energy. Has over 5 years of experience working in both small scale and multinational corporations, with extensive experience in bioenergy applications and detailed investment analysis.

Yolanda Zhao

Co Founder & Director

Business professional in corporate management, delivering strategies and possessing a wealth of experience in media and marketing company brands. A key achievement was leading Olympia 2008 Beijing Games as Project Manager & Liaison Officer for 41 countries.

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